My One Delight
by Ray Watson - Copyright © 2002, Ray Watson - The Secret Place
CCLI # GC 97445

BbRaindrops on my window Bb/Atell me You love me
EbTell me You're the Bbdream that dreamers Bb/Flong Ffor Eb F
BbPrisms on my pillow, Bb/Amoonshine through the night
EbTruly You're my Bb/Fone Fde - Bblight
GmEveryone's a Fwandering star no Ebpurpose in the flight F
GmTill they've found their Fcompass points to Eb maj7You

You're the Bbfirst and Flast
And Ebeverywhere in between
You're the Bbone true Fsource of Eblife
You have Bbtouched my F/Asoul
Only Eb/GYou could know
Bb/FYou're my Fone de - Bblight

Tell me on my window, tell me You love me
Tell me I'm the one that Your heart longs for
Prisms on my pillow will love me through the night
But tell me I'm Your one delight
Every dream's an empty longing endlessly in flight
True north only ever points to You