I Worship You Lord
by Ray Watson - Copyright © 2005 Ray Watson - The Secret Place
CCLI #GC 97445

I Ebworship You Lord
I Ab/EbworEbship Eb/BbYou BbLord
I Ebgive You my praise
I Ab/Ebsing Eba Eb/Bbnew Bbsong

AbYou have given me the ability
To Ebhear and obey
FmI delight to Dbdo Your will
Bb7Help me to walk in Your ways

AbI waited patiently for You Lord
And You Ebheard my cry
FmYou have put a new Dbsong in my mouth
Bb7Praises to our God

AbLet those who seek You rejoice
And be Ebglad in You
FmLet those who love Your salDbvation say
"The Bb7Lord be praised, the C7Lord be praised!"

I Fworship You Lord
I Bb/FworFship F/CYou CLord
I Fgive You my praise
I Bb/Fsing Fa F/Cnew Csong

BbAll of my days I will F/Asing to You
GmFill up my days with a Fsong Gm F/A
BbDrawing aF/Aside just to Gmbe with DmYou
BbPutting it F/Aall in a Gmsong Csus C