by Ray Watson - Copyright © 1985 Ray Watson - Secret Place Place Ministries, P.O. Box 27 077, Mt. Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand. http://secretplaceministries.org
CCLI # GC 97445


Consider this my friend
And see if you understand
The ways of God go further
Than the thinking of a man
Consider this my friend
I think that you will find
His ways are past our finding out
For who can know His mind?

And all the rivers flow to the sea
And yet the sea isn't full
And to the place where the rivers flow
There they flow still
And adding one thing to one thing more
A man is born to try
To see if he can an - swer the endless question why
Oohh Oohh
Oohh Oohh
Ever learning why
Ever yearning why

Consider how the wind
Will somehow turn again
If no one knows the future
Then who can tell him when?
A time to weep and mourn
A time to laugh and dance
And if my times are in His hands
Then life is worth the chance

Ever yearning why
For the reason why