by Ray Watson - Copyright © 1985 Ray Watson - The Secret Place
CCLI # GC 97445

Eb Db Fm Eb Eb Db Ab Eb Eb Db Ab Eb
EbConsider this my Db/Ebfriend
And Fm/Ebsee if you underEbstand
The ways of DbGod go Cmfurther
Than the Fmthinking of a man
AbConsider this my Gb/Abfriend
I Bbm/Abthink that you will Abfind
His Bbmways are past our finding out
For Abwho can know His mind?

And Cball the rivers Gbflow to the sea
And Dbyet the sea isn't Abfull
And Cbto the place where the Gbrivers flow
DbThere they flow Abstill
And Cbadding one thing to Abone thing more
A Dbman is born to Abtry
To Cbsee if he can Gban - Ebmswer the Dbendless question why
EbmOohh BbmOohh
EbmOohh BbmOohh
CbEver learning Gbwhy
DbEver yearning Abwhy

Consider how the wind
Will somehow turn again
If no one knows the future
Then who can tell him when?
A time to weep and mourn
A time to laugh and dance
And if my times are in His hands
Then life is worth the chance

Ever yearning why
For the reason why