by Ray Watson - Copyright © Ray Watson - Secret Place Ministries
CCLI #GC 97445

BbStanding at the Eb/Bbgrave-side of an F/Bbold forgiven Eb/Bbpast
BbMemories are Dball that's Ebleft of Bbyou
BbBitterness and Fpain are Bbstrangers to Ebme Fnow
BbMemories are Aball that's left of Ebyou

Flicking through the pages of a diary filled with fear
Memories are all that's left of you
Looking through the years filled with tears now
Memories are all that's left of you

EbThey can't touch me Bbnow
EbThey can't hurt me Bbnow
EbNow I Bb/Dknow the Cmsecret Bbof Flove

I reAbmaj7lease myself in Ebmaj7worship
I Abmaj7give it all to Ebmaj7You
I Dm7come before Your Bb+6throne of love
and Dm7bare my heart to GYou
I will Eblove You with the Bblove that /AYou've Gmfreely given Cme
And my Bb+9heart will Ebnever be Bbcold
It will Ebnever be Bbold
I will Ebalways be Bbfree

Trying to revive in me an old forgiven part of me
Those memories that haunt a man made new
I'm holding on to life in Jesus Christ
You memories that haunt a man made new

They can't touch me now
They can't hurt me now
Now I know the secret of love

I release myself in worship
I give it all to You
I come before Your throne of love
and bare my heart to You
I will love You with the love that I freely give to You
And my heart will never be cold
It will never grow old
It will always be new