Just For Me
by Ray Watson - Copyright © 1986 Ray Watson - The Secret Place
CCLI # GC 97445

AbI know the Dbstars Ebshine for Abme
AbI know the Dbriv- Ebers Abflow Eb for Dbme
AbRays of the sun, Bbmrain - Fmbows of Gblove
AbAll this was Dbmade just for Abme

AbI know His Dbfire Ebfills the Abskies
AbSunset from DbheavEben Abburning beEbfore my Dbeyes
AbAll this was done, Bbmsent Fmfrom aGbbove
AbAll this was Dbmade just for Abme

BbmCalling in my heart a Abhunger
BbmCalling in my heart a Abneed of EbYou
BbmCalling in my soul a Abwonder
BbmWhen I see it all, I'm Cmhearing heaven's call
I Dbknow, I know You're Ab/Ebcalling Ebme Db Eb


Written on the wind Your love song
Hidden in the snow Your glory and power
When I see it all I wonder
Your voice is surely heard
Gone out through all the earth
I know, I know You're calling me